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From beginners to experienced developers, everyone has something new to learn about CiviCRM. Sessions and workshops this year at CiviCon are better and more numerous than ever before! We've got something for everyone.

Presentations on day one will be shorter and more concentrated. Workshops on day two will be a little longer and feature discussion, exercises and audience participation.

The conference program is organized into audience-oriented tracks, providing you flexibility and control over your experience. From case studies and “how to” sessions, to in-depth code review, the program will cover a diverse array of topics, session types, and representative organizations -- ensuring you the opportunity to view broadly, and go deeply, into the CiviCRM community. In addition, the help desk will be open at various times throughout the conference to provide one-on-one consulting advice.

Day 1 Schedule            Day 2 Schedule

Our sessions are aimed at users, implementors and developers.

User Schedule            Implementer Schedule            Developer Schedule

Complete session list

Session Description Webcast Available
Keynote and State of the Project Keynote and State of the Project. State of the project slides are available here

with Core team and Mark Cridge, Green Party of England and Wales

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What's New in CiviCRM 4.5? What's New In CiviCRM 4.5 Sleek UI improvements and new ajax framework Record partial payments for an event registration and change registration options Ajaxified Case Configuration implementation Soft Credit Improvements Release includes ~774 improvements and new features This user-oriented session will explain in plain language (with examples)... read more

with Kurund

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CiviHR: The Journey So Far, and What's Next CiviHR: The Journey So Far, and What's Next Keeping track of HR details can be a nightmare when you are dealing with hundreds (if not thousands) of staff and volunteers across multiple locations. CiviHR might just be the fairy you have been waiting for to help you through the morass. Six non-profits are already using CiviHR, providing us with... read more

with Andrew Tombs, Katherine Causton

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Data-driven Fundraising: the big picture CiviCRM is a great tool to make data-driven fundraising work. But being data-driven needs more: it is about really exploring the knowledge hidden in that CRM-system and acting upon that knowledge for better results and more cost effective fundraising. This session welcomes you in the fabulous world of data-analytics and business intelligence for... read more

with Ilja de Coster (Amnesty International Vlaanderen)

CiviCRM for Absolute Beginners Are you TOTALLY new to CiviCRM, think it might be right for your organisation and are here/have been sent here to find out more?   We are running this session for those who have never seen CiviCRM in detail before and experienced CiviCRM trainers will talk you through the basics of a system. You will also be able to play with a working CiviCRM... read more

with Oliver Gibson

Introduction and transitioning to CiviCRM Introduction and transitioning to CiviCRM

with Erik Brouwer (CiviCooP)

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Developing and Extending CiviCRM CiviCRM is great, but how can you extend its features?Changing templates, using hooks, adding custom reports, forms or pages, and many more tasks are very simple to perform thanks to CiviCRM extensions. Do you want to learn how to create an extension? Do you want to improve your extension's skills?So this workshop is for you, from beginners to... read more

with Luciano (Ixiam)

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Google summer of code Google funded 6 CiviCRM projects as a part of their Google Summer of Code 2014 initiative. In this session we will brief everyone on few projects that we mentored. We will also give demo / walkthrough of following projects: New Mailing UI for CiviMail Visualization for Mailing stats and A/B testing for CiviMail

with Xavier, Kurund

Lunch Lunch

with n/a

Photograph Photographs


CiviMail - Easier mailing In this session we'll be looking at CiviMail features, including Newsletter group management Desiging and sending process Some examples of user emails We'll also be taking a closer look at the CiviCRM Mailchimp Extension, including the current feature set and a walkthrough of the setup process. Plans for phase II work will also be discussed.

with Jamie Novick, Parvez Saleh, Deepak Srivastava

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Peer to peer fundraising pages with marketing automation How Leakaemia & Lymphoma Research built peer to peer fundraising pages using Drupal and CiviCRM's Personal Camapaign pages. The functionality was then built into event registration for their flagship event the London Bikeathon. Using the "scheduled reminder" functionality, fundraising incentive emails were sent when fundraisers hit certain... read more

with Owen Bowden, Richard Williams

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Drupal Webforms and CiviCRM: A Powerful combination In this session we will explore the features of the Drupal Webforms module in combination with CiviCRM.  You can create power data entry possibilities with the Drupal Webforms. E.g. you can create an evaluation form which stores an evaluation activity in civicrm with all the selected contacts. In this session I will show you a few examples of what... read more

with Jaap Jansma (CiviCooP)

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Accessibility Workshop to identify and suggest ways forward for some of the issues CiviCRM presents to visually and motor impaired users - esp those using screen readers and tabbing through screen rather than using a mouse. Matt Winyard from RNIB will lead some of the session.  We'll aim to prioritise the issues for future development (some could even get... read more

with Dave Moreton, Matt Winyard

Donor Journeys using CiviCRM Donor Journeys are pre made communications tracks used to keep new and existing donors and minimizing attrition. Since it’s ten times more efficient to keep an existing donor than recruiting one new, it’s worth to invest in actions that keep your donors continue their support. Donor Journeys in CiviCRM can be managed both manual and automatic,... read more

with Martin Aarflot (MAF Norway), Steinar Sødal (MAF Norway)

Webcast is ready
Bulk memberships, renewals and partial payments NFP Services have worked with CiviCRM for nearly 4 years and as a result have had the opportunity to develop and contribute a number of our extensions to CiviCRM for the benefit of the Community. Examples that we shall be demonstrating and discussing include: Partial payments for membership Gift Aid Membership Renewals Membership/Additional... read more

with Andy Norgate (NfP Services, part of the MTL Group)

Using the Civi API This session is aimed at developers that have not used the CiviCRM API before or have just started using the API. We will explain the basic principles of using the CiviCRM API. There will be a couple of examples of how we have used the API to change CiviCRM templates, retrieve or create entities, keep different databases synchronized or... read more

with Erik Hommel (CiviCooP), Jaap Jansma (CiviCooP)

Case study: Stop struggling with multilingual versions! Case study of the French American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary: Pitfalls to avoid and some tips for successfully implementing a multilingual version of CiviCRM in three languages. ·  Preliminary issues to make configuration easier ·  Multilingual does not always mean multi-countries: how to deal with different dialects, address formats etc. ·  ... read more

with Valérie Davo - Cividesk Europe

Healthwatch Showcase Case study of the implementation for Healthwatch England and Local Heatlthwatch organisations. HW is a national organisation with 148 locations across England set up to be consumer champion in health and care.  We'll look at the process and some of the results and discuss challenges of such a large project and lessons learned.

with Dave Moreton, Tim Schofield

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CiviBooking Are you a non profit with Rooms or Resources that you think you could raise money by renting out? Or are you a community center or voluntary service looking to manage your resources better? Sick of spreadsheets, emails and that Google calendar that no one keeps up to date? Then CiviBooking is for you! CiviBooking is a CiviCRM extension which... read more

with Jamie Novick (Compucorp), Guanhuan Chen (Compucorp)

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Stuff for developers (no beer) Some interesting stuff for developers

with Parvez Saleh, Deepak

Reporting beyond CiviReports Interactive OLAP cube reporting using Saiku Analytics. Advanced visualisation using CiviVisualise  

with Owen Bowden, Xavier Dutoit

Migrating to CiviCRM: a case study VKW is a member organization from Belgium and migrated this year from a custom developed CRM (C# + SQL Server) to CiviCRM. This session will focus on the complete migration process: from gathering requirements to going live. Between these two milestones, we had to overcome many obstacles. There were technical obstacles, like learning CiviCRM,... read more

with Alain Benbassat, Christophe Deman

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CiviCRM & Direct Debits How can you collect direct debits on CiviCRM? Parvez Shaleh will demonstrate how to setup the extensions in question and how the process works for update of payments collected etc. Björn Endres will introduce the extension CiviSEPA in detail. CiviSEPA lets users create, manage and collect SEPA (EUR) direct debit files directly from their bank... read more

with Parvez Saleh, Björn Endres

CiviCRM 5.0 CiviCRM 5.0 aims to revise the internals of CiviCRM to improve and modernize the developer experience — improving the libraries, architecture, and the code-standards. The session will examine implementation work, experiments, and the open questions facing 5.0.

with Tim Otten

Webcast is ready
Lunch Lunch

with n/a

Lightning talks & Extension showcase Lightning talks & Extension showcase


Webcast is ready
Case study round table Are you thinking about venturing into the world of Civi but want to know what its really like? The case study round table is your chance to get the honest truth from the people using Civi out in the field. We'll have several organisations of all different types and sizes represented giving honest views about implementing and working with CiviCRM.... read more

with Jamie Novick (Compucorp), Matthew Winyard (RNIB), Stephen Warren (Association of Chairs), John Prescott (Future First), Adam Donan (The Institution Of Environmental Sciences)

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CiviCRM Data Integration Data integration tools are extremely useful, both to connect different databases, or to automate data processes. At Amnesty International Spain, we've developed a tool that allows us to use the complete set of Pentaho Data Integration tools with CiviCRM. Thanks to that, some of the new things that we can do without the need of having development... read more

with Carlos Capote (Amnesty Spain), Chanun Chirattikanon (Compucorp)

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CiviBanking - Processing bank statements made easy Do you regularly need to process bank statements in order to reconcile pending contributions and get your CiviCRM in sync with your accounts? If so, this has likely been a rather tedious task for you so far. But CiviBanking is here to make your life easier now. It's an extension that lets you import electronic bank statements and assists you by... read more

with Björn Endres

GiftAid Workshop including online submissions A workshop session for people who want to setup Gift Aid for CiviCRM as well as a short demo of how the proces works.

with Parvez Saleh

CiviCRM Recurring events Many organisations deal with recurring events such as courses, weekly clubs/groups and so on. While Civi deals well with one-off events, it can't easily handle recurring events. The core of this feature is the ability to handle more complex events. The overarching term ‘recurring events’ includes several different scenarios: An event with multiple... read more

with Parvez Saleh, Lindsey Mansfield

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Accounting Integration in CiviCRM 4.3+ Invoicing and sales tax Beginning in release 4.3 of CiviCRM, a much more robust methodology for tracking and exporting financial data was introduced. Now it is easier than ever to have CiviCRM track contributions and other financial transactions the way fundraisers want to see them, but at the same time easily export that financial information the way the accountants... read more

with Jamie Novick

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Using AngularJS to Enhance User Experience This session will provide a basic introduction to AngularJS, one of the trending JavaScript frameworks by Google, and how to build a simple AngularJS app that leverages the CiviCRM API, as a native CiviCRM extension. Although the session is primarily aimed at developers, users and implementers might also benefit from the introductory parts. 

with Robin, Tim

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