CiviSites is a managed service providing the latest version of CiviCRM automatically installed with a Drupal CMS. (It's not on our website but we also offer Wordpress if you ask nicely.) We run the servers, perform nightly backups and update the software: you just use just get on and use the power of CiviCRM. All our servers are based in highly secure data centres in the UK so your data will never leave this jurisdiction.

What we offer is a fully managed and supported service to provide the power of CiviCRM to organizations that don't want consultancy and customizations but just want to start using CiviCRM. It's OpenSaaS, so it all belongs to you and you can take it away any time you like to host anywhere else you like. 

CiviSites is a service of Circle Interactive who also provide a range of CiviCRM consulting and implementation services.

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